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What are the dates of the reunion? 



I am graduated from another class at EHTHS or I went to EHT but graduated from another school, may I attend this reunion? 

Yes, the more the merrier


I only want to attend 1 or 2 events, is that okay? 

Yes! Chose the events you are interested in attending. The only event which will require advance registration and payment is the Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing event on [______].


What’s happening Friday, [________]? 

Meet & Greet at [________]


Where is [________]? 



Will there be food at the [________]? 

Yes! They will have a bar menu available for us to order from.


What is parking like at [________]? 



What’s happening during the day on Saturday, [________]? 

Beach Day at [________]

What’s happening during the evening on Saturday, [________]? 

Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing at [________]


What are the hours for the Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing event? 



Can I buy a ticket at the door for the Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing? 

Sorry, NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. Advance purchase is required to attend.


Where is [________]?



Will there be a vegetarian option for dinner?



What is parking like at [________] ? 



If I buy a ticket to the Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing event, and then change my mind, or suddenly cannot attend, may I get a refund? 

Sorry, there are no refunds.


What is the dress code for the Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing event? 

Gals: Cocktail attire | Guys: ties optional, no shorts or flip flops.


What is happening on Sunday, [________] ? 

BYOP (Bring your own picnic) at [________] . W


Where is [________] ? 



Can I bring my spouse or significant other? 

Seriously? You have to ask? Yes, they are welcomed!


Who do I contact with questions regarding this event? 

Email: ehtclassof1999reunion@gmail.com